Our take on a Navy Strength made in Devon on the farm. Distilled with wild cloudberry amongst a range of other exciting botanicals our Farmers Strength 58% is smooth and sophisticated. Tasting Notes: Floral wafts of Cloudberry, with zesty citrus balancing peppery juniper and hints of rooty spice. Enjoy a single measure over plenty of ice with a slice of grapefruit or orange and a premium tonic. Alternatively, this gin is so smooth it can be enjoyed straight as a sipping gin over ice. Our 'Farmers Strength' received a GOLD from Taste of the West in 2022 and was announced a Winner in the High ABV Gin (above 52%) category in The Gin Guide Awards in 2022. With record entries from over 30 different countries worldwide and blind tasted by industry leading judges we were delighted to have received this award for our premium strength gin.

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